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Choosing the Right Guardians

Updated: Aug 3, 2021

It's a big deal, right? Choosing who will raise your children if you can't. But you can do it.

Here are some things to consider when choosing who would make an ideal guardian:

  • How many children do you have?

  • Do any of your children have special needs?

  • Do you want all of your children to remain together?

  • Do you want them to attend the same school and/or live in the family home?

  • Is your guardian willing to relocate if necessary?

  • Is your choice up to the task of raising your children?

  • Are your chosen guardians vibrant, healthy, and young enough to chase toddlers or teens?

  • Do your chosen guardians share your personal and religious beliefs?

It's a good idea to make a list of your possible guardians and a separate list of the values that are most important to you in the order of importance. Think about things like discipline, religion, personal beliefs, parenting style/philosophy, etc. Try to avoid thinking about money. Some of the most loving parents aren't rich. Next, match your guardian choices to your most important values to find the best fit.

You may want to mention the reasons you have chosen the guardians somewhere in your plan. Again, if a stranger ever has any authority over where your children will be raised, you want to make your decisions and the reasoning behind those decisions very clear.

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