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Good Parents Plan For Everything.

Children take a lot of planning. A lot. From before they are born up until the time you send them off to college and beyond. But have you planned for what would happen to them if something happened to you? The most important thing you leave behind isn't your money. It's your kids.

Your children deserve to be raised by people you choose. Our comprehensive guardianship plan lets you ensure that the ones you love the most will be left in the arms of ones that will love them just as much.


Get this must-have set of documents and instructions to complement your estate planning. Don't wait to take this important step because good parents plan. 

Newborn Baby

Every parent needs a plan.

Do you know what would happen to your kids if the unimaginable happened to you? The majority of parents haven't got a clue or a plan. Not because they don't care but because they care too much and preparing for the unthinkable is hard. But so is being a good parent and if you don't plan, the decision would be left to a stranger - a judge in family court who doesn't know you or your children. Naming guardians in a Last Will and Testament has been the traditional way but it isn't the right way. Take control of your children's future. Choose the people that you want to love and raise your little ones and then document it. The peace of mind is priceless. 

The Plan


Check out some of our great articles on naming guardians and estate planning for parents. 

Online Workshops

Sign up for one of our free monthly workshops to learn more about naming guardians and planning for your little ones' future if you weren't around. 


Parents Recommend

Karen R.

“We hadn't even thought about guardianship until we came across this site. Good Parents Plan is easy to work with and gives you a complete set of documents that every parent should have. Couldn't be happier.”

John M.

“We had named guardians in our will several years ago but learned that it might not be the best way to do it. Good Parents Plan allowed us to create a stand-alone document that's a smarter choice for parents. The process was easy and helped us think about some things we had overlooked.”

Marissa B.

“Good Parents Plan was just what we were looking for. It helped us make sure we decide who cares for our 3 children if something ever happened to us. And it only took a few minutes to complete. So happy we did this!”

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